Seminar on the value of non-formal learning and validation/recognition of the competences acquired

Author: Laura Pierfelici

Year: 2014

Description: This booklet contains the results of the “Seminar on the value of non formal learning and validation/recognition of the competences acquired” organized by the Italian National Agency and held in Naples from 15th until 19th of December 2014. The booklet will be useful for the reader's mind (knowledge part), hands (it deals with practice: skills), heart (the attitude, the emotions) and motivation (inspiration and sources for founding opportunities and project ideas). For this reason, in the first chapter of the book you will find inputs, theories, states of the art and researches for a better knowledge about this issue; then, in the second part, you will find best practices implemented by institutions and NGOs; in the third part, you will find some hints, suggestions and ideas to get inspired and motivated to do a step forward and to develop something new.

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