Do Your Best - Just Invest!

Author: Vicolocorto (IT), STRIM (PL), Mladiinfo Slovensko (SK), EIVA (RO), YOUROPIA (ES)

Year: 2015

Description: The Project DO YOUR BEST – JUST INVEST! is a strategic partnership in adult’s education between Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Italy and Poland. Within the frames of this project, all partners have worked on two levels: from one point of view, we have developed a work with groups of chosen adults, which contributed to the increase of their chances of participation in society, to the improvement of their professional life (employment) and their family situation. The project's activities, which were mainly based on workshops in the field of soft social skills, had as main aims to adjust every target group to the requirements of the labour market, to increase their life’s satisfaction and to improve their language skills, all connected also to new possibilities of spending their leisure time. Each partner organization has gathered its target group, each of them with different specific approach, with different needs and expectations and therefore – different methods of work. On the other hand our project was based on the cooperation between associations on international level, which connected various teams of professionals coordinated by the project's working groups. Every partner organization created, in fact, a 6-8 members’ group, with whom it organized local actions. Within the frames of an international cooperation, representatives of these groups took part in project’s meetings, which were devoted to the building of an international partnership and exchanges of experiences.   As a result of this project, a booklet was published and translated in six different languages: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Rumenian and  Slovakian.  In the booklet you can find the list of topics and the description of methods used in the project.


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