Scadenza per aderire: Mar 22 Dicembre alle ore 15

Luogo: Pesaro, Italia

Data del placement: 08 Gennaio - 30 Settembre 2021

Nr. volontari richiesti: 1

Età minima: 18

Tema: Attività educative con bambini dai 3 ai 10 anni


The volunteers will be involved in all the activities of Capra e Cavoli 23 by supporting the educators. The Centre is open
for children until 3 years old every morning, and for children between 6 and 10 years old every afternoon. The volunteers
will be involved in the activities with the children in the afternoon, whereas the morning will be focused on preparing the
materials for the workshops.
In particular, the volunteers will be involved in the following activities:
- HOMEWORK SUPPORT: at the beginning of each afternoon, the children do their homework all together, so that they
can cooperate and older children can help the younger.
- MUSIC AND THEATRE WORKSHOP: we cooperate with two external experts for the music and theatre workshops,
who help the kids to discover the world of music and theatre through the use of puppets.
- INTERCULTURAL AND LINGUISTIC WORKSHOPS: twice a week we organise linguistic and intercultural workshops in
order to help the kids to become familiar not only with foreign languages but also with foreign cultures. We use art, music,
food and theatre as main tool for this kind of workshops. As for the linguistic workshops, we cooperate with a teacher,
who has English as a mother tongue.
- READING IN THE LIBRARY: we cooperate with the public library from Pesaro since years and we organise reading
workshops for the children inside the library so that they can learn how to search the books, how to rent them and how to
use the public space.
- VEGETABLE GARDEN: we have our own small vegetable garden and we also cooperate with a local cooperative that
works with social agriculture, so that the children can experience how food grows. The children participate in all the
phases, from planting the seeds, watering the plants and picking vegetables.
- COOKING WORKSHOPS: we like to help the children discover different ingredients and to start to learn some recipes,
starting from the vegetables that they have planted and picked.

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