Expiration to join: Sat 31 Aug at 10

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Date of the placement: 02 Oct 2019 - 30 Jun 2020

Volunteers nr.: 2

Minimum age: 18

Topic: Activities with people with disability in a Centre in Pesaro (PU).

Description of the Project:

The T41A Daytime Social Rehabilitation and Educational Centre is located in Pesaro and it is a place that aims to pursue the goal of social integration through the development of the maximum personal autonomy possible, the learning of technical and operational skills and the improvement of communication skills for people with disability. It promotes the use of the resources available in the territory, so as to promote the exchange between the Centre, its users and the local community, avoiding the marginalization of people and the separation of the structure.

The volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Theatre/acting workshop: every year the Centre has a project in cooperation with other local realities about acting. They have already organised a Musical in the theatre and a movie about super heroes in the local cinema.
  • Music Workshop: this is a group activity based on rhythm and selfexpression through music.
  • Cooking workshops: on a weekly basis, the staff organise cooking workshops so that the users can be involved in the cooking activities and learn new skills.
  • Dance workshop: this is a group workshop, through which the users are free to move around and dance in order to discharge their energy and emotions.
  • Outdoor activities: from time to time, the staff organise outdoor activities for the users of the Centre that can help them to discover the city where they live and to build a relationship with nature. 


If you can find more information about the Centre T41A on their Facebook page!


How to apply:

In order to apply, you need to send us the following documents in English:

- CV (including your date of birth and your country of residence)

- Cover letter related to the project 

to candidates@vicolocorto.org

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