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Place: Ķegums, Latvia

Date of the project: 07 - 14 Jul 2019

Participants nr.: 3

Minimum age: 18

Topic: Training course about the improvement of youth work and the quality of Erasmus+ projects in Latvia.

Description of the Project:


The overall objective of the project "Magic in the Projects" is to raise quality of Erasmus+:Youth in Action mobility projects and to improve the quality of work with young people, in particular by improving cooperation between youth organizations and/or other stakeholders.

The training course will be held in Kegums district, guest house "Puduri" but the last day activities will take place in Riga, at the youth studio "BaMbuss".  

The training course will use a variety of methods, such as individual and group work, games, simulation tasks, discussions, debates, etc. The main expected impact of the project on participants is that they will develop competences in the implementation of Erasmus + projects in order to carry out more professional youth work with young people.

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