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Vicolocorto offers to youngsters 18 - 30 years old the possibility to live an EVS experience, short or long-term, in Pesaro and in the Marche Region (Italy).

There are several possibilities for volunteering, take a look at the one that fits mostly with your profile!



The activities are focused on supporting the educational and English conversation workshops provided by our organization to the local community in Pesaro through weekly workshops realized in the 3 different settings in order to reach different target group: Unemployed people at the Employment Centres, young people at Youth Center, and Local Community at Cultural Center “Biblioteca San Giovanni” in collaboration with Informagiovani of Pesaro. Additionally, we organize activities in schools with children aged 13 to 18 and we promote mobility opportunities in Europe.


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Next available placement in Vicolocorto: February 2019.



The TOTEM Youth Centre organizes daily activities for children and young people. The activities also involve children and young people with disabilities and aims to strengthen the sense of community in the peripheral area of Pesaro by providing social services aimed to reinforce the action towards inclusion.

The volunteers will be involved in the daily activities of the Youth Centre, such as:

  • Homework support for youngsters and kids;
  • Games and sport inside and outside the Centre;
  • Creative and artistic workshops;
  • Linguistic and intercultural activities.


Curious about the Centre? Take a look at the video that the EVS volunteers have created! 



The volunteers will be involved in the regular daily activities for children and youngsters organised by Officina Creativa Montefeltro, which are aimed at social animation and entertainment. In particular, EVS volunteers will be involved in the activities of:

  • Conversations in English or in foreign languages with local students;
  • Homework support for the youngsters of the Youth Center;
  • Sport and care of the Natural Park where Belforte all'Isauro is located;
  • Organization of workshops;
  • Participation to the town festivals.  


4.  ASD TENNISTAVOLO (Senigallia)

The Olympic Table Tennis Centre focuses on sport for both young people and adults, Italians or foreigners and disabled people. The volunteers are involved in the activities organised by the Centre like the school for beginners, courses for adults, sports promotion, the promotion of a correct lifestyle and the fight against inequality. In addition, volunteers are also involved in teamwork activities and social life by organizing socialization events and intercultural exchanges. 



The Municipality of Frontino, a small lovely town in the Montefeltro area, gives young Europeans the opportunity to take part in and support the activities that animate Frontino. In particular, volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Cultural and artistic activities and workshops inside two local museums;
  • Activities inside the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello located in the area;
  • Support in the organization of local events and festivals that attract a lot of tourism.



The volunteers will have the possibility to do their EVS project in one of the following Local Committees of the Italian Red Cross in the Marche Region.


Comitato Locale di Pesaro (Pesaro, PU)

Volunteers take part to the activities organised by the local Red Cross in 5 different areas, as support staff of local Red Cross volunteers and professionals:
- Social and cultural entertainment activities in rest homes for eldery people
- Food distribution activities;
- Information and awareness campaigns;
- Press office support;
- Fundraising office.

 For more information: http://www.cripesaro.org/evs/


Comitato Locale di Marotta (Marotta, PU)

The volunteers will take part in the activities of the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Marotta, supporting their staff and volunteers. In particular, the volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Recreational activities inside the Nursing Home;
  • Educational and informative activities and workshops inside schools;
  • Support in the organisation and implementation of events organised by the Local Commitee of Marotta.


Comitato Regionale Marche (Ancona, AN)

The volunteers will be involved in the activities of the Regional Committee of the Red Cross, which is the committee, which all the local ones refer to. In particular, they will take part in the activities of the social area and of the communication area:  

  • Activities in schools and in sport centres for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Informative and awareness campaigns;
  • Collection of testimonies and experiences from the Local Committees of the Red Cross, in particular in the earthquake area;
  • Support activities for the press office.


Comitato Locale di San Severino (San Severino, MC)

The volunteers take part in the activities organized by the Local Committee of San Severino, which is located within the area that suffered the earthquake in 2016 and 2017. In particular, volunteers will be involved in the following services:   

  • Entertainment activities in a Nursing Home;
  • Activities inside the Ludoteca;
  • Activities of food and clothes distribution;
  • Informative and awareness campaigns.


Comitato locale di Cingoli (Cingoli, MC)

The volunteers are involved in the activities organized by the CRI - Local Committee of Cingoli. It is located within the area affected by the earthquake between 2016 and 2017 and the volunteers will contribute to the following services:

  • Informative activities at school;
  • Entertainment activities in the Nursing Home;
  • Organization of events related to responsible drinking;
  • Informative and awareness campaigns.



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