Youth as Peacebuilders - Youth Policy for Peace

Author: Academy for Peace and Development (Georgia) - Coordinating organisation

Year: 2019

Description: 2-years project (November 2017 - January 2019) organized by the Academy for Peace of Development (Georgia) in cooperation with Opora (Ukraine); Vicolocorto (Italy); The Tree Party (The Netherlands); Helsinki Citizens Assembly – Vanadzor (Armenia); and Novact (Spain). During this period 18 youth peacebuilders have participated in a capacity building program, strategical planning workshops and evaluation seminars to became professionals youth peacebuilders, design and implement their campaigns, and assess the impact in their communities.Experts in the field have played an active role in this project by facilitating the training programs and supporting and coaching the participants’ campaigns and projects. From this experience, we observed that in the majority of cases public authorities are not fully meeting their obligations in relation to the promotion and respect the Youth’s rights to participate in policy development according national, regional or international standards such as the UN Resolution 2250. Nonviolence as a social construction provides us with a strategic framework to organize campaigns where peacebuilders can build power from youth and effectively use it to advocate for specific public policies and rights.  During this project, we have created "The Youth Policy Handbook" and "Youth as Peacebuilders - A Training Toolkit" that you can download from the attachments. 

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