UlisseFest: La festa del viaggio by Lonely Planet

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Date of the project: 13 - 16 Jul 2023

Topic: A festival dedicated to travel and the earth organised by the publishing house EDT, partner of Lonely Planet.

Description of the Project:

We are happy to be a partner as Vicolocorto of the Pesaro edition of "UlisseFest: La festa del viaggio". UlisseFest is Lonely Planet's travel festival organised by the publishing house EDT, Lonely Planet's only partner in Italy.

Every year the festival is an opportunity to look beyond our borders, not only geographically, to think about the world and to connect with everything that exists outside our daily horizon.


What does one do at UlisseFest?

At UlisseFest we listen to stories, we discuss current affairs, we reason about our impact on the world; at UlisseFest we dance, we sing, we laugh; at UlisseFest we cycle, we walk, we write, we draw, we learn.

Writers, travellers, journalists, explorers, artists, sportspeople, actors, musicians take turns on stage at UlisseFest; meetings, laboratories, workshops, concerts, shows, readings take place in the spaces of UlisseFest.

A small piece of the world, as varied as the world is, for three days to be experienced from dawn to dusk.


The 2022 theme: Listening to the Earth

The theme 'Listening to the Earth' was chosen because we want to grasp the signals that our planet transmits, to learn to know it, respect it, love it, be aware of the impact and value that every journey we make has on it. We want to help enhance the places, traditions and try to immerse ourselves in the magic of its infinite diversity.

For more information on the Festival and the programme visit the official website!


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