TRAINING COURSE: Social Transformation meets Community Work

Expiration to join: Tue 7 Sep at 09

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Dates of the project: 07 - 14 Sep 2021

Participants nr.: 24

Age: 18

Topic: International Training Course in Pesaro (Italy) on local community development and social change through youth empowerment strategies using the European Solidarity Corps programme.

Description of the Project:

The Training Course "Social Transformation meets Community Work" will gather in Pesaro 24 Youth Workers from Italy, Estonia, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain. It aims to strengthen their competences in developing transnational initiatives - in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC).

The Training Course will empower the youth workers by strengthening their understanding of processes of social transformation and increasing their competences in developing transnational initiatives - in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC) – that aim to contribute to foster social change in local communities across Europe.

Therefore, the youth workers will participate in a e-learning programme and one residential training course in Italy on social transformation, strategic planning and project development. As a result, the participants shall be enabled to design, implement and evaluate their own ESC projects tailored to the needs of their communities.

The educational programme of the project is based on the experience of organizers, partner organizations and experts involved in transformative community work.

Objectives of the course

  •  To strengthen the understanding of youth workers on youth empowerment as a tool for social change

  • To increase the use of systematic and long-term approaches to social change in community work

  • To exchange good practices for youth empowerment work and social change among the participating organizations

  • To establish transnational links between youth workers and translate them into project-based partnership for needs-based social transformation within the ESC framework

Themes addressed by the course

  • Youth empowerment and social transformation
  • Needs based planning and long-term strategic planning

  • ESC as a tool for transformative community work


The course will be held in English.

For more information, you can download the Info Pack from this page.



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