Tips for VIPS - AGENDA

Author: The Partners of the project "Vips in Action"

Year: 2014

Description: This is an agenda created during the "Vips in Action" project. VIPS (Very Involved PersonS) are very active people who want to create, change, share and learn with others. The agenda tries to help these people in planning, putting their ideas into practice and engaging other people. Within the agenda the reader will find a series of activities to be used in different situations and with different types of groups, but above all adaptable to the various topics that you want to deal with. Each proposed method will be explained in detail, step by step, with indications on how to best prepare each activity and how to achieve it in the most appropriate way, thanks to the advice of the VIPS who have used them before and who made them the most fun and at the same time simple to manage. The agenda can be downloaded in Italian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian.

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