The European Aerobics and Acrobatics Championship in Pesaro through the eyes of Vicolocorto’s volunteers

Expiration to join: Sun 3 Oct at 15

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Dates of the project: 13 Sep - 03 Oct 2021

Topic: Collaboration in the communication field with the organizers of the 12th European Aerobics Championship and the 30th ACRO European Championship 2021 in Pesaro.

Description of the Project:

Sport has always made up a big part of the identity of Pesaro and is continuing to become more and more important each year. This year there’s two highlights taking place in Pesaro’s athletic scene: the 12th European Aerobics Championship and the 30th Championship of ACRO. This means that there will be three weeks of competition happening from the 20th to the 26th September and from the 27th September to the 10th October 2021. Around 1800 athletes from all over the world will compete during this time, their age ranging from 12 to 30 years. The training days of the athletes can be seen free of charge while for the actual competitions there will be tickets sold.  

These two professional sportive events have been made possible by the Organizing Committee Esatourgroup, the Municipality of Pesaro, the Marche region and the Gymnastics Federation of Italy. As the President of the League explains, aerobics and acrobatics are two disciplines of gymnastics. Aerobics consist of the execution of a choreography made of obligatory and chosen elements on a special platform underlined with a musical base. Whereas Acrobatics derive from artistic gymnastics; the focus is on a complex choreography fitted to music, executed through precise postural work.   Like the years before, this year there will be around 25 European delegations competing in Aerobics and about 30 in Acrobatics. This adds up to thousands of participating athletes which undoubtedly is another milestone for the organizers and the city of Pesaro that is establishing itself once more as an optimal place for national and international tournaments.  

This year Vicolocorto’s volunteers will also participate in the events as part of a communications team. That way they can make first-hand experiences of the organization of an international sports event that unites countless athletes from all over the world. It is safe to say that this poses as an amazing opportunity for intercultural experiences, giving the volunteers the chance to interact with various cultures, but also shows them a close-up of a very active community.  


You can find as attachment to this page also the German, Russian and Latvian translations of this project.

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