PORTUGAL: “From crisis to chance” - training course on emergency pedagogy

Expiration to join: Thu 21 Mar at 16

Place: Lisboa, Portugal

Dates of the project: 13 - 19 May 2019

Participants nr.: 3

Minimum age: 18

Topic: International Training Course about emergency pedagogy in Lisbon (Portugal).

Description of the Project:

Around the world, natural disasters, wars and violence claim numerous victims every day. Millions of youngsters experience situations which often leave them severely traumatized and alone. Their lives are changed forever and they frequently need help to cope with these experiences. Unprocessed trauma can lead to the development of severe symptoms, of actual PTSDs and may disturb their natural development. Age appropriate pedagogical and therapeutic support of traumatised children is central for the healing of psychological wounds. Therefore, not only psychologists but also youthworkers/leaders/educators have a role in changing crisis into chance.

The main objective of the training course is to capacitate 24 participants (youth workers and youth leaders from 6 countries), involved in work with groups of youngsters at-risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorders, with new skills and competences for young people’s psychosocial stabilization and trauma prevention.

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