Handbook on conflict education for young people

Author: Vicolocorto (IT), Strim (PL), Youth Club Active (EE), Consilium Development and Training (UK), Narviksenteret (NO)

Year: 2018

Description: This handbook is the final result from the "First Kit ADR" strategic partnership project and contains educational material on conflict resolution for adults and young adults aged between 13 and 30 years. ADR stands for "Alternative Dispute Resolution" and refers to a set of methods and skills to be used in conflict resolution. In the handbook, you can find an  introduction to ADR, 12 workshop and 2 educational games that can be used to educate to conflict resolution in NGOs, universities, youth centers, summer camps, in social centers etc. The workshops were created by youth workers from five European countries: Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom, during the course of the two-year international project "First ADRn Kit", and reviewed by professionals in the field of conflict resolution. The most important element is that the workshops are flexible and they can be adapted to different needs and contexts. For additional information on the topic, the last part of the handbook provides you with the results of a research on the subject of ADR education for young people, along with some recommended readings.  The manual can be downloaded in: Italian, English, Polish, Norwegian, Russian.

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