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Place: Pesaro, Italy

Dates of the project: 21 Jun - 31 Jan 2021

Topic: Project aimed at young people aged 16 to 35 that will be carried out in Pesaro ATS 1 involving 8 municipalities (Gabicce Mare - Gradara - Mombaroccio - Monteciccardo - Montelabbate - Pesaro - Tavullia - Vallefoglia). The topic of the project is the development of skills, the acquisition of awareness and self-knowledge, as tools for preventing the phenomenon of new addictions and as a support for the creativity and talent of young people.

Description of the Project:

GIOVANI IN MOVIMENTO is an activator of paths, a showcase for existing and newly born projects.

Aimed at young people aged 16 to 35, it will be held in Pesaro's ATS 1 involving 8 municipalities (Gabicce Mare - Gradara - Mombaroccio - Monteciccardo - Montelabbate - Pesaro - Tavullia - Vallefoglia).

The project was born from a working group that saw the ATS cooperate with the partner youth associations on the subject of skills development, the acquisition of awareness and self-knowledge, as tools for preventing the phenomenon of new addictions and as support for creativity and the talent of young people.

The working group was called to try to summarize what emerged from the evaluation of the activities promoted in favor of young people in the area in recent years, trying to highlight the practices and possible actions in the near future.

An important need, which emerged in the meeting with young people, was to be able to obtain support for the definition and promotion of their skills: targeted actions that would accompany them in individual growth paths, development of critical thinking and promotion of sociability and aggregation.

From this comparison, an attempt was made to define a new model of active participation that would compare young people with key subjects who have skills and management skills. In particular we have tried to involve other young witnesses of positive experiences, capable of inspiring paths of comparison and personal growth. The general objective is achieved by focusing on the new processes of participation and sharing. No longer activities intended as services, but actions that focus on confrontation, protagonism and sharing. The project aims to create proposals, favoring the circulation of ideas, skills and personal abilities, enhancing the meeting places but also activating collaborations with projects and networks already in place, in order to further qualify the actions promoted by young people themselves and closely connected with their territory.

For this reason, part of the actions are placed within both physical and virtual containers that already have the recognition and authority of young people. The actions envisaged by the project then try to respond comprehensively to the need for training and direction by acting on the multiple aspects and on the different age groups that require different types of approaches and solutions.

This is why the project aims to carry out a series of interventions that we consider effective even individually, but which acquire a strategic character in their unity. The project aims to act on two aspects: the development and promotion of skills and the relaunch of contexts.

Considering the starting situation which, testifies to the actual need on the part of the identified targets of support for their creativity and an orientation to their commitment, we want to define an intervention that has the ability to accept their requests and direct their passions.

At the end of the project what we want to achieve is an effective use and result of their skills, also promoting the right information and knowledge of the channels that can help them in the realization of their projects. The project will allow to activate new territorial paths and consolidate existing experiences, all destined to create contexts of confrontation and aggregation. The young recipients will be placed in a network context where opportunities will be created at multiple levels, both of fruition and of active participation. 

The main benefit is that of offering alternatives to the paths of deviance or dependence, acting on the positive elements of personal growth and training contexts, especially of an informal and "peer" nature. Furthermore, the widespread nature of the activities and the connections generated by the network work will also allow to animate the “less priority” contexts such as the peripheral ones.

In a project that involves a period of time of only 6 months, we have tried to channel the energies and skills already activated in many of the projects of the actors involved, enhancing skills, paths and networks already active. Also in the composition of the working group (and therefore in the project partnership) we tried not only to represent an important slice of the territory but, above all, to involve those realities that we considered most sensitive and involved in the themes of the call. For this reason, the project sees, alongside ATS nr. 1, the involvement of 5 youth associations operating on a medium-large territory potentially capable of involving all the Municipalities of ATS 1, and which have already developed collaboration processes and strategies of network.


Il progetto si avvale del cofinanziamento della Regione Marche e del Dipartimento per le Politiche Giovanili e il Servizio Civile Universale.


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