Author: Mladiinfo Slovakia (SK) - Coordinating organisation

Year: 2021

Description: This is a project that brings together some European and some Asian associations with the objective of creating volunteering opportunities for young people around the world. EURASIA, in fact, creates opportunities for young people to volunteer in Asian countries in innovative socially-driven projects and for the organisations to develop and deepen their knowledge and experiences in the volunteering management. So doing, we would like to include youth from any background (social, cultural, economic...) and we would like to make an exchange of know-how in the volunteering management.  Within this project, we will create online tools and guides about sending and hosting volunteers (including the methodology on the feedback, monitoring, evaluation tools, etc.). All the materials will be downloadable from this page as soon as they are available.  The project EURASIA includes: a preparatory phase, Train the Trainers, a Youth Exchange, Volunteering mobilities and a final Evaluation phase.  Mladiinfo Slovakia (SK) is the project coordinator and the partner associations are Vicolocorto (IT), Mladiinfo International (MK), Mladiinfo Czech Republic (CZ), ADICE (FR), Youth Employment and Society Development (VN), Volunteer Spirit Association (THA), Bridging the gaps organization (PHL), Cambodian Youth Action Organization (KH).


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