Do Your Best - Just Invest!

Author: The partner of the project "Do Your Best - Just Invest!"

Year: 2015

Description: "Do Your Best - Just Invest!" is a project born from the collaboration between Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Romania and Spain with the aim of improving the social inclusion of disadvantaged adults and their family life conditions. The project also aims to favor the employment of these disadvantaged adults and that is why each country has identified its target group and has organized specific workshops that have been collected in this booklet.Vicolocorto association has chosen to work in collaboration with the CIOF (Centers for Employment, Orientation and Training) of Pesaro, Urbino and Fano proposing the MITI project - Improve your English. The workshops included the practice of the English language and the acquisition of new skills with a view to job placement or reintegration. The booklet can be downloaded both in Italian and in English.

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