DAI! Dialogo Advocay Innovazione

Expiration to join: Fri 1 Jun at 18

Dates of the project: 06 Nov 2017 - 30 Jun 2018

Topic: Structured dialogue and strengthening of cooperation between young people and political decision-makers within the Marche region

Description of the Project:

"DAI!" project was created with the general objective of encouraging structured dialogue and strengthening cooperation between young people and political decision-makers within the Marche region, in order to encourage initiatives of youth policies based on knowledge of the needs and proposals of the target population.

Funded by the key action 3 of the Erasmus Plus program, the project will focus primarily on the 550 young people from Marche selected by the Extraordinary Call for Civil Service "Non3mo". For these young people the acquired knowledge, the activities carried out and the relationships started are already an important experimentation of responsible citizenship. The young people of the Civil Service live daily opportunities for dialogue, share stories and needs of people and fragile territories to defend and support, thus being able to understand more easily other spaces and ways of innovation: they are therefore qualified subjects to be privileged interlocutors of a project of structured dialogue.

Operatively speaking, all the volunteers will be invited to participate in the local consultation sessions, which took place between 6 and 10 November 2017 and will be animated by the trainers of the Vicolocorto Association and the Belgian NGO ARS for Progress of People.

During the local sessions, participants will initially be introduced to the "European Youth Strategy", with particular attention to the eight key themes, the concept of structured dialogue and the opportunities for participation offered by the Erasmus Plus Program. In the second part of the session participants will be divided into working groups and called to devise at least one initiative that they would like to see implemented in their territory of residence. The ideas will be presented in plenary in the presence of at least two representatives of local administrations who will give feedback on the validity and feasibility of the shared proposals.

The ideas will then be uploaded to the DAI platform and, through this, will be freely voted, commented and shared from December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018. Until December 15, 2017 will also be granted to young people from the Marche region to improve some of the contents included in the platform or add new ones, via the "Send us your idea" section. The goal is to extend the boundaries of the project to an initially excluded audience, so to have the highest number of people involved and a good number of "supporters" for the ideas launched.

Of all the ideas ten will be selected, which will be presented during the final day to be held in Ancona. A selected group of 200 volunteers and 15 policy-makers from the Marche Region will participate in this day. Young people and politicians will sit down together at work tables, with the aim of discussing together the completeness and feasibility of the selected ideas. For the most interesting proposals, the political decision-makers will have to sign a "pact of intent", containing a specification of the actions that each of the parties will undertake to carry out in the coming months in order to carry out the selected initiatives.

The DAI platform will continue to be used in the period immediately following the final day, so as to monitor the process of development and implementation of shared ideas with regional and local politicians. At the same time, the three project partners will spend themselves in a campaign to disseminate DAI, in order to guarantee full sustainability once the project period is over.


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