All In Manual - Toolkit for practitioners on inclusive youth work

Author: YIPO (AT), YouthLink Scotland (UK), ODTIZ (SLO), Logopsycom (BE), Bulgarian Centre for Lifelong Learning (BG), Red Acoge (ES), Diversidades (ES), Vico

Year: 2019

Description: The manual was written as a support material for the ALL IN training. It is meant for youth workers, facilitators, youth trainers, educators, whether professionals or volunteers, who are involved in youth work on local or international level. We assume that users of this manual are familiar with concept of non-formal learning and are looking for ways to improve the level of inclusion in their work. If you want to get more theoretical knowledge on how to include different groups with fewer opportunities and to find tools to help you achieve it, you are in the right place. As a matter of fact, this manual is intended to be a practical guide for inclusive youth work where you can find some guidelines and tools to support your actions. For this reason, in this book you will find essential theoretical information combined with practical tools and training modules immediately applicable in your daily work.  


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