Lord of volunteers

Expiration to join: Fri 13 Oct at 10

Place: Adamov, Czechia

Dates of the project: 14 - 21 Oct 2017

Participants nr.: 3

Age: 18

Topic: Work activities with volunteers and about volunteering

Description of the Project:


The TC "Lord of volunteers" will focus mainly on the work with volunteers involved in organisations. We would like to support the development of volunteering, to emphasise the quality of working with volunteers and to provide a space for sharing skills and knowledge in this field. The aims of this project are following: to motivate the volunteers to the high quality work with volunteers and to increase the competences of the participants in the field of work with volunteers. Participants of this project will have the opportunity to increase their competencies in the areas of motivating volunteers, selecting and coordinating volunteers' activities, and will gain insight into various types of volunteering. Last but not least we would like to promote the sharing of experiences and to create a space for networking in the international level in the field of volunteering.

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